Edamame Puree (and Wonton Cups)

I’ve been on a sushi kick recently, and exploring the web for various ideas on tuna tartare,  poke, etc., and came across a recipe from Tyler Florence (love him) for sliced tuna with edamame puree on a wonton crisp. The puree intrigued me since I love edamame and it contained wasabi, another favorite of mineContinue reading “Edamame Puree (and Wonton Cups)”

Spicy Edamame

I’m a HUGE fan of sushi, and always have to order edamame as a starter whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant. One of my favorite sushi restaurants is Sashi in Manhattan Beach, which is where I went for my birthday dinner last year. Naturally, we had to get an order of their edamame, whichContinue reading “Spicy Edamame”