Happy 2020!!!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season, and have an incredible new year!

I know it’s been YEARS since I’ve posted… so many life changes, priorities, etc. My job moved me from Los Angeles to Dallas, where I took a promotional position with another division of our company. I moved into an apartment for a short term, one of my beloved dogs passed away, I bought a house (with a pool!), spent most of my free time decorating/fixing up my home, had a flood in my home, bad hail damage from a big storm, started doing fluid art, rescued a cat from Costa Rica, had skin cancer, adopted a dog, started an Etsy shop for my art, another one of my dogs passed away suddenly, and I just got a new puppy (Maverick). Whew! There was a lot more that transpired, but that’s the short version of why I haven’t made any new posts. It’s interesting… when I started this blog in 2010 while living in Redondo Beach, my house was a very small beach cottage, and the kitchen was not suitable for all of the cooking/baking I did – it didn’t even have a dishwasher. Nonetheless, I loved it there, but my house now boasts a HUGE kitchen, with an island, which is part of the great room, so an incredible space for culinary adventures… and yet, I haven’t fully utilized it for that purpose. At least, not yet. I will be posting a new popover (yorkshire pudding) recipe I just made last night. If you love popovers, and have had trouble making them to come out light, airy and poofy, which I’ve experienced, that recipe will yield perfect popovers.

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of my kitchen/great room space in my casa in Dallas.

KitchenBastrop Great Room

And the newest addition to the Smith family ♥

Maverick Smith

If you’d like to check out my art: Traces of Color

Happy New Year!!!



Our Troops – For All You Do, This Blog’s For You

I want to take a minute to express my sincere gratitude to all of the men and women who are serving and have served, our wonderful country, and those that we lost. Today is a day to remember, honor and support them for all that they do to protect and ensure our freedom. God Bless our troops and their families! And, God Bless America.