Hawaiian Shrimp Kabobs/Skewers

If you’ve seen some of my other recipes/posts, then you know that I thoroughly enjoy (okay, love) sauces that are on the sweet-side. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to have a spicy sauce or dish every now and again, and will post some recipes soon that have some fire, in hopes to tryContinue reading “Hawaiian Shrimp Kabobs/Skewers”

Skewered – A New Take on The Caprese Salad

Here’s an easy, colorful, delicious appetizer that’s perfect for summer gatherings and sure to please. Ingredients Small skewers or long tooth picks Bocconcino (aka mozzarella balls, can be purchased either plain or in herb-flavored oil) Cherry or grape tomatoes Fresh basil Olive oil Balsamic vinegar Salt & pepper Kalamata olives (optional) Directions If using skewers, soakContinue reading “Skewered – A New Take on The Caprese Salad”